I Am Not J.k Rowling


The more I navigate my way through the Freelance Writing world, the more I become very aware of my own short comings. When I was just beginning my college career, I used to daydream about becoming the next best-selling Fantasy Author. I pictured myself creating such extremely thought out worlds that were rich with exposition, and would give my readers no choice but to be completely immersed in the fanciful lands that I concocted in my clever little mind.

For some asinine reason, I thought that going to college was what was going to make me the next great American novelist. Not only that, I also thought that it was going to indoctrinate amazing Fantasy plots into my writing process. Obviously, neither of these things has happened . . . Yet!

On the real though, I know now that I’m just too much of a realist to be able to stretch my mind around a fantasy land. Of course I’m still in absolute awe of people like Joe Rowling or George RR Martin. The worlds they have created are incomparable. This is probably why so many who try to emulate them always fall short.

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