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Come Through Affordable Makeup!

Ever since I can remember NXY products have always been a staple in my makeup bag. I still remember the first little pot of concealer that my mom brought home for me when I was around twenty. She knew that I had become very self-conscious about the dark circles under my eyes, that I know now were a direct result of my anemia. I used to think it was because I didn’t get enough sleep, but now thinking back on that time in my life, sleep and work were about all I really had going on.

As any other run-of-the-mill twenty-something, I was on a budget, and makeup definitely had to be part of that budget, otherwise people who aren’t used to seeing your bare face ask if you’re sick all the time. So I started looking into more products from NYX. I loved my undereye concealer so much it compelled me to try out more products.

Liquid Love

I think everyone in the makeup world can agree that the last couple of years has been all about highlighters and the highly coveted liquid lipstick. Every major, and indie cosmetic company has their own line of liquid lipsticks, and I love pretty much all of them. The only gripe I really had with these lipsticks is the price tags on some of them. A good liquid lippy that doesn’t stain your lips and is of good quality can run you anywhere from $18-$50!

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when NYX launched their Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. Every shade in that collection is stunning on any skin tone. The best part is the formula hands down. Whenever I go to apply a liquid lip I second guess myself, “Am I going to be eating something that will break this down?” Or, “How many times will I have to reapply this?” I never have these concerns when I’m wearing the Lip Lingerie,  ever.

Blushing For The Gods

If there was one blush that I couldn’t live without, it’s my NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me. In my opinion, the mauve color is very complimentary to a medium to light skin tone. I also have it in the color Soft Flush which gives off the most pigmented peach blush I have every seen. Word to the wise; Tap that brush off girl!

NYX continues to grow and prosper as a company as they should. Every product in their collection is well thought out and, more importantly, has a purpose. I’m truly on the edge of my seat to see what they will come up with next.

3 Replies to “The Most Affordable Makeup”

  1. yassss! NYX is one of my favorite brands. 🙂 only thing I do put a lot of money into is foundation, only because I have such terrible oily/acne prone skin. I’m currently using Makeup forever, but that doesn’t help with the oil much. I can still fry chicken on my face after about half an hour or so haha. How’s that Maybelline foundation work??

    1. The Maybelline is honestly awesome for a drugstore brand. If you pick it up, I’d go for a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, only because I find that any drugstore foundation ends up oxidizing throughout the day and then my face just looks really dull after a few hours. The Fit Me Matte and Poreless is really good for oily skin. I usually set my face afterward with some Laura Mercier translucent powder. If you still have problems with the oil, I’d say pick up some Urban Decay De Slick setting spray. I hear it’s great for controlling oil.

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