Cooking with Hello Fresh


Hey Guys!!! I’m so excited to bring this video to you this week. I’ve wanted to try out a Hello Fresh box for literally two years, and this past week they were kind enough to send me three meals at half the original price! After a week of using this service, I can honestly say that I highly recommend trying it out at least once. If nothing else, it definitely takes the guesswork out of, “What’s for dinner?” For the week. I also love that there isn’t a bunch of wasted food lying around for days after I cook a meal. Minimal waste is a big plus for me! If you would like to try out Hello Fresh for yourself, go to
and use my special discount code: VEGASGIRL4

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Flags Over the Dam Run

Hey guys! This weeks video is all about Memorial Day! I hope you all had a safe Memorial Day Weekend, and for those of you who are finally done with school for the next three months WOOHOO! Please give this video a ‘Like’ and Subscribe to my channel for more adventures! The next few weeks will be all about cooking and reading, two of my favorite pass times! As always, thank you so much for watching, and I will see you all next week!

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