Trying To Organize My Home Office

Hey Guys, listen… I know it’s been a while and a half since I’ve posted. I’m really sorry, I’ve been super busy with writing and other projects. And in no way am I complaining! I love making videos. Unfortunately, I gotta eat and make a living too. Hopefully, I can get a proper book review out to you guys soon. in the meantime, I hope you enjoy me trying to get my life together lol. Please give this video a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel! And as always, thank you all so much for watching!
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Cooking with Hello Fresh


Hey Guys!!! I’m so excited to bring this video to you this week. I’ve wanted to try out a Hello Fresh box for literally two years, and this past week they were kind enough to send me three meals at half the original price! After a week of using this service, I can honestly say that I highly recommend trying it out at least once. If nothing else, it definitely takes the guesswork out of, “What’s for dinner?” For the week. I also love that there isn’t a bunch of wasted food lying around for days after I cook a meal. Minimal waste is a big plus for me! If you would like to try out Hello Fresh for yourself, go to
and use my special discount code: VEGASGIRL4

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Best Vegan Spots In Las Vegas

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Let’s talk for real for just a sec. Like most of you out there, I didn’t grow up on a vegan diet. In fact, I’m pretty sure my mother is still confused about what tofu really is. So when I became ‘hella-woke’ and started to make more ethical food choices, I’m sorry to admit, there were a lot of meat and poultry products that I really missed.

Fortunately, I started to venture out and discovered that Vegas has so much to offer the common vegetarian or vegan.  I decided to share some of my favorite veggie eateries for those of us Las Vegans that are just starting out in the veg-game.  All of the places I’ve listed below are great in their own way, but the common thread between them is that they don’t sacrifice great flavor in order to be vegan.

Vegenation in Las Vegas, NV 89101


When I first decided to start eating more ethically, VegeNation was the first place, other than my own house, that I ate at. Located in the heart of old Vegas on Carson Ave, you couldn’t ask for a better spot to grab some great vegan foods. If you’re ever in the neighborhood during breakfast hours, be sure to try one of their tofu scramble bowls. They’re Lit!

Violett’s Vegan Organic Cafe And Juice Bar

Before you were vegan or vegetarian did you enjoy a BLT every once in a while? Or a soul-warming bowl of chili? I know I did. Cut to Violett’s Vegan Cafe. Along with a great selection of freshly blended juices, this cafe also makes some of the best cafe classics, vegan style. Located off West Desert Inn Road, some great vegan food is just a hop onto the DI away!




VegeWay appeals to my very lazy, sloth-like temperament. Anytime I can get a vegan meal without having to get out of my car, I’m Down! Their burgers are comparable to that of IN-N-OUT, and their zucchini fries are bangin’! Do yourself a flavor and get to a VegeWay drive-thru ASAP! They currently have two locations. One on South Jones Blvd and another on North Durango Drive.

Panchos Vegan Tacos

The one thing that I missed more than anything when I stopped eating red meat was tacos, carne asada, el pastor, etc. . . So I thank the powers that be, Panchos brought all those and so much more back into my life, and my stomach. If you’re looking for great Mexican food period, vegan or otherwise, I highly recommend you head over to South Pecos Road and see what they got going on at Panchos Vegan Tacos.



Now That I’m Fat

I should preface this post with some humility. I have always been very petite in stature. I understand that this doesn’t make me special or anything, it just means I’ve had a pretty high metabolism. When I was a kid I ate like shit, and if I’m being completely honest, I probably continued to eat crappy fried and processed foods up until I was about twenty-three. No matter what I ate during that time though, I still maintained relatively the same weight.

Boy, do I miss those days. There’s not a day that goes by now that I don’t wish I could hop in a time machine, find my stupid skinny ass, and knock the fucking extra-large Wendy’s Chili out of my hand . . . No shade to Wendy’s, I still have dreams about eating quarts of that chili, it’s amazing.

It’s probably also a good idea to let anyone reading this know that, when I was in high school I was a pretty shy kid with crooked teeth that had zero confidence talking to any human that I didn’t know. I understood very clearly, that I was not the prettiest, I did not have big boobs to brag about, I didn’t have great hair, and I couldn’t play sports. But if you asked what I liked about myself physically, I would say that I liked how my body looked.

I look at my little sister, who’s a spitting image of what I used to look like, and I’m actually jealous that she just gets to eat whatever she wants and has an amazing body. My little sister is a dancer by-the-way, so her current body right now is in reality probably ten times more impressive than mine ever was. But still! I feel like I do a lot to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I go to yoga, I don’t eat red meat, I’ve replaced most of the delicious fried foods that I used to eat with kale and spinach, and I drink so much water every day that I have to pee literally every twenty minutes.

Meanwhile, my sister eats trash and doesn’t exercise and she looks like a hot little twig with bigger boobs than me! Figures, I would gain weight everywhere except my chest. Today, if I ate a salad right now, I would look like I was in my second trimester. It’s like all-of-a-sudden my body has separation anxiety with food. I wish I could go back to the days when I had a rockin’ bod . . . Now I’m left with a bod that’s had a rock thrown at it.