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House of Earth and Blood

(Crescent City #1)

by Sarah J. Maas

4.9 and 1/2 stars! So close to a 5 star for me. Unfortunately, I was able to guess one of the biggest twists about ten chapters before it happened and then there’s an info dump close to the end that revealed everything pretty much in one fail swoop. I will say this series, this far, falls right in the middle for me. In my opinion, it’s much better than TOG but not as good as ACOTAR. I will definitely be continuing this series because I am Mass Trash🗑️I loved how she planted little seeds along the way and then seeing the payoffs of those little plot points. Chiefs 😘. I also really enjoyed the “Adult Fantasy” aspects of Sarah’s writing. The differences are subtle but very distinctive and true to her writing style.
And yes I ship Bryce and Hunt so hard, for about ten seconds I was thinking it might be B and Micah in later books but… Ya know. 


by Sara Holland

2.5 Stars. I’m honestly disappointed in this novel. I understand the MFC is a teenager, and I swear I say this at least once a week, but… This bitch is all over the place. For starters, she immediately blames and accuses multiple people that she’s known basically her whole life at the drop of a hat. She’s immediately gaga over a girl she’s not only just met, but puts her complete full trust in after what I deduced the book takes place over the course of a week. 🧐
Maddie is also so annoying that I literally DnFed this book so many times just to get out of her head. She cries in every other chapter, she’s constantly in her own way, she’s dumb… Etc…
The only thing that really kept me locked into the story was the intrigue of the plot, I guess. Though I was constantly taken out of the flow because of the writer’s clunky sentence structure.
Not sure if I will continue with this series. Although, I say that all the time and have yet to actually do so because I am book trash. 

by Isabel Ibañez

3.5 stars, and so starts the reading slump. I don’t know why I had such a hard time connecting, or actually caring about the MCF in this one. I did make the mistake of over-hyping this book in my mind, which seems to be a trend for me rn.

The Winter Duke

by Claire Eliza Bartlett

4 Stars. I really enjoyed this book for the political intrigue aspect. That being said, the beginning can get a bit confusing because of all the players in this game. Bartlett gets you through this pretty fluidly in a way that doesn’t feel info-dumpy.
I also really enjoyed the romance. It seemed age-appropriate and budding. All in all a great book!

Audrey Grey

3.9 stars I want to say that first off, this series has completely drawn me in and I will be continuing it until the end. That being said, these books could really benefit from a pass-through of editing. Some of the logistics just didn’t link up for me, and also some of the slang/relaxed dialogue took me out of the story at times, others I was able to breeze through with no problem. Things like, within one scene the author would describe a shirt as specifically being on color, and then within the same scene the same piece of clothing is referenced again and it’s suddenly a different color. This tends to make me question whether a writer is even paying attention to their own writing when stuff like that happens. Especially if it happens more than once throughout the story. . . And it did.
While the second half of this book was great and I was never bored. The first half dragged… A lot. To the point where I almost df-ed the whole book and called it quits. I’m happy I didn’t because I really enjoyed it once things kicked off.

Addie Thorley

4 stars. I really enjoyed the second half of Night Spinner. Specifically, because everything I thought this book was about was completely turned on its head by the end of it. I cannot wait to see where this series goes!
Christina Lauren 

I think this was probably one of my favorite Christina Lauren books to date. I feel like this was a turning point book for them where the plot and character development really started to take a more prominent part of their storytelling. It’s way less smutty than their beginnings.
Leigh Bardugo 

A true 5 stars for me. I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing this book was. Yes, it was hard to read during some scenes, but it was always worth it.
Christina Lauren

3.5 Stars. Early Christina Lauren is supper smut filled with a side of plot. They can’t be bothered to develop a character past what they like in bed. Would rather just watch porn then continue these ‘Beautiful’ books.
 Josie Silver 

I debated for 2 hours what to rate this book and have settled on 4 stars. No more, no less. While this book did a great job of keeping me invested in ‘What could possibly happen next,’ when the MFC and the MMC finally did get together, it was kind of a let down. For the main fact that, throughout the whole book, Jack, whenever we do get the sparce dip into his pov, laments many times that he feels as if Laurie is the only one that sees the real him. Yet, absolutely none of the scenes between them depict that. This book tells a ton more than it shows the relationship that the reader is supposed to be rooting for. And unsurprisingly, I found myself deviated when Oscar and Laurie called it quits, rather than actually happy that the door was finally open for Jack-ass to walk through. Angsty as a Mo Fo though, so still, a 4 star read for me.
Melissa Albert 

4.9 Stars. I loved the Hazel Wood so much. It was literally the first Ya book I’d picked up since Twilight. This book and it’s series it what made me realize that we weren’t doing 2013 Ya any more and I live for it.
Brigid Kemmerer
3.5 stars. Though I did enjoy this second book in the series more than what I can remember of the first, it’s still a middle of the road kinda story for me. By page 70 I could already see exactly where the chips were going to land, so meh. To be honest, I think I’m just burnt out on the Beauty and The Beast/ Hades and Persephone retellings to be a good judge of what’s good anymore.
41018954. sy475
Bree Barton
3.5 stars. While I definitely enjoyed this second book more than I did the first, I still have some qualms with the series. I seem to dislike pretty much everyone in the world that Bree Barton has created. I understand that characters who are morally gray are more interesting to read about, I do love a good layered human, but everyone seems to be leaning more towards the dark side here. There’s no spark of hope anywhere until the last 3 pages.
Kinda bleak.
38720939. sy475
Tahereh Mafi
This book broke my heart so many times I’m not even sure what’s left to thump in my chest anymore.
Kiersten White
I really enjoyed it, however, there did seem to be something missing. Not sure what that thing was… And also, I still kinda like Mordred soooooo…. Yeah. 4.5
Shea Ernshaw
I’m still thinking of this one, weeks later. I really loved this book so, so much! I don’t care if it was insta-lovey, I was so here for it!
Marissa Meyer
I love the comedic aspect of Marissa Meyer, especially since it really was the driving force that got me through this last one. While I did enjoy this immensely, it also seemed to drag in some parts and rush others that I was actually interested in seeing fully. Still, 4.5 star read in my opinion!

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


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The Cruel Prince by Holly Black-

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Legendary: A Caraval Novel


Hey Guys! I’m so excited to bring this video to you this week! If you can’t tell already, I absolutely loved Caraval and the sequel, Legendary did not disappoint! I hope you all enjoy this video that will also be available on my website in the Book Nook section:

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The Hazel Wood, Available Now on Amazon

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I loved this book. Sorry, I had to get it out in the first sentence. I absolutely loved this book. It kept me intrigued the whole way through, I literally fought my exhaustion on many occasions just to finish one more chapter before blacking out into slumber. the only gripe I had with the way Du Maurier handcrafted this melodramatic murder mystery was how it ended. The reader is basically left to answer the question of did she or didn’t she. I think no matter which way you end up making your mind up about it, it’s hard to not feel like you’ve been left hanging as the reader.

Now, on the other hand, this novel in film form just does not cut it in my opinion. There have been three attempts to crack the code in film form. The most recent premiered this summer. It was directed by Roger Mitchell, who also directed one of my favorite romantic comedies Notting Hill.

The new and improved My Cousin Rachel is rated PG-13 and stars Sam Claflin and Rachel Weisz. While both of the actors do a fantastic job in their individual roles, the film just doesn’t come together with the way the novel does. It’s just a matter of the classic cliche, The book is always better than the film.

If you’ve read the novel I’d like to know whether you think she did it or not, let me know in the comments below! If you haven’t, I definitely recommend you do as quickly as possible.





Red Queen

I gotta say, this past month’s book has been hard for me to get through. I find myself getting distracted by other things almost every time I open the pages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure its a great book for young adults and, well, adults who really dug the whole Hunger Games vibe. I think if I had been in that kind of mindset at the time I would have really gotten into it. Unfortunately, I picked this book up from Target one day because it was on sale, and I had seen it a million times at Barnes and Nobel.

I have to admit, I was fresh off a Game of Thrones season 7 high and fiending for knights in shining armor fantasy. And yes, I ended up judging a book by its cover. I thought I was getting renaissance romance, but I was left with Katniss Everdeen. Again, I’m not trying to bash this book in any way, it’s just not the vibe I was looking for at the time. If you loved The Hunger Games I’m sure you will find this book hard to put down.  If you’ve read this novel, please leave some commentary down below. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Whats up?

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